Spelling Mistakes Can Be Expensive

An article by the BBC reports that spelling mistakes can cost businesses “millions” in lost online sales.  In this day and age of short attention spans and over-stimulation on the internet, companies have only a few seconds to catch a potential customer’s eye and close a sale.  The article reports that companies have “about six seconds” to catch someone’s attention on a website.

Whether you are creating a website, preparing documents, writing letters and even emails, be sure to proofread.  Even on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn you should be aware of the content of your posts and the nature of your audience.  Spelling and grammar mistakes reflect upon your credibility and others’ perception of you or your business.

This is especially important in business because, as the article suggests, simple spelling mistakes can actually lead to a significant loss of business and missed opportunities.

u may relax these rules when u txt, except 4 when u txt a client or other biz-related recipient

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