“Fear the Beard?” No… Fear the Feds.

After somewhat of a hiatus, I return to the blog with two of my favorite subjects in one story:  Trademark infringement and the San Francisco Giants (defending World Series Champions, of course).

It appears that federal agents seized over 2,400 t-shirts and baseball caps destined for Port au Prince, Haiti, bearing the registered trademarks of the SF Giants and famous slogans from the 2010 season, such as “Fear the Beard,” a reference to the Giants’ feared closer Brian Wilson’s (in)famous mane, which generated huge amounts of publicity, and imitation, during the 2010 season.

Best part of the article:

“Look at this,” said assistant special agent Anthony Ho as he held up a shirt that referred to the city as ‘Frisco,’ “There’s no way anyone from San Francisco would tolerate this. This is what we call, in investigative terms, ‘a clue.'”

Click here for the full article.

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