Pirates of the Caribbean to sell pirated copies of “Pirates of the Caribbean”?

By Darren Shield Copyright law and international trade might seem to be a dry and academic exercise for some, but not today, matey. The Caribbean island nation of Antigua and Barbuda once operated a booming online gambling industry, but suffered dramatic setbacks after Washington, wit

“Poor Man’s Copyright” Doesn’t Work

I often receive calls from potential clients who express interest in protecting their music or other artistic works.  Some callers are musicians who are beginning to record, perform and license their songs.  Others call because their music has been stolen or used by someone else witho

Why Do Restaurants Sing Their Own Version of “Happy Birthday”?

By Darren Shield In many dining establishments, a group of enthused servers will regale a table with song to help a special diner celebrate his or her birth. I have enjoyed the many variations of the song for myself, friends and other restaurant patrons. And yet throughout all of my d

Art, Law & Beer

The Younger Lawyers Division of the Federal Bar Association Southern District of New York Chapter presents ART, LAW & BEER a Free Event January 26th 6:30 – 8:30 PM at GALLERY HENOCH 555 W. 25th Street Featuring: DAVID KASSAN, Figurative Artist LILLIAN LASERSON, Copyright and

Copyright Protection for Fashion Designers Closer to Reality

The Senate Judiciary Committee has approved the Innovative Design Protection and Piracy Protection Act (“IDPPPA”), which (if passed by Congress and signed by President Obama) would expand Article 13 of the Copyright Act to include and protect “apparel” items su

South Park Sued for Copyright Infringement

A few weeks ago, South Park creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone escaped a possible lawsuit for lifting lines of the movie “Inception” in one of their South Park episodes. Parker and Stone apologized for using and making fun of lines they believed came directly from the mov

ASMP Seminar: Copyright and the New Economy

Yesterday I attended a seminar put on by the American Society for Media Photographers called “Copyright and the New Economy.” The afternoon panelists included, among others, Lawrence Lessig, Harvard Law School Professor and author of books such as Remix and The Future of I