“Poor Man’s Copyright” Doesn’t Work

I often receive calls from potential clients who express interest in protecting their music or other artistic works.  Some callers are musicians who are beginning to record, perform and license their songs.  Others call because their music has been stolen or used by someone else witho

Why Do Restaurants Sing Their Own Version of “Happy Birthday”?

By Darren Shield In many dining establishments, a group of enthused servers will regale a table with song to help a special diner celebrate his or her birth. I have enjoyed the many variations of the song for myself, friends and other restaurant patrons. And yet throughout all of my d

IP for Startups and Entrepreneurs. Part 2: Trademarks and Branding

Trademarks and Branding Applying for a trademark registration with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office is often overlooked by entrepreneurs and startups.  Protecting your business’s name and logo through federal trademark registration provides numerous benefits to you, such as

Hurricane Sandy Relief

While many neighborhoods of New York City were undamaged by Hurricane Sandy, or lost power for a few hours or even several days, many neighborhoods were truly devastated by the storm. Red Hook and Coney Island in Brooklyn, Breezy Point and the Rockaways in Queens, Long Beach in Nassau

Spelling Mistakes Can Be Expensive

An article by the BBC reports that spelling mistakes can cost businesses “millions” in lost online sales.  In this day and age of short attention spans and over-stimulation on the internet, companies have only a few seconds to catch a potential customer’s eye and clo